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You say to-MA-to, I say to-Ma-to, I say usnea (us-nee-a), you say usnea (oo-snee-a). No matter how you say this incredible herb, this is one balm that my household couldn't live without!


Usnea is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal and we use it for all kinds of cuts and scrapes. The usnea balm works better than any brand name healing ointment and helps heal up cuts and scrapes much quicker than without. I use it on myself, my kids, my horses, dogs, cats, and sheep! With its anti-fungal properties, I also use it on my athlete's foot, (but who wants to talk about that!)


Note - Usnea should not be used in pregnancy!


4 oz. jar


Ing. - Usnea infused olive oil, bees wax

Usnea Balm

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