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 For those delicate (and not so delicate) woolies that you need to handwash and re-lanolize, we have the perfect care product for you. Lanolin is the wax naturally found in wool. It's what keeps it soft and waterproof. It also helps to nuetralize urine.

 So what do you need this product for? If you own wool, you know that it needs washed seperately with a soap for wool. That is what this soap is for. It's going to gently clean your woolies and re-lanolize them at the same time. Meaning you are going to be keeping your wool clean, soft, and help keep the water out, or in, in the case of baby wool soakers.


How do you use this product? It's really quite simple. You're going to hand wash your wool in luke warm water and drain.

-If your woolie really needs to be re-lanolized then you will fill your basin with lukewarm water while holding the bar of soap under the running water.

-Gently rub the soap while the water is running to disperse the lanolin in the water.

-Add your wool to the soaker water and gently swirl it around.

-Now let it soak for at least 20 minutes but up to 24 hours. 

-Remove from water and roll up in a towell to remove all excess water.

- Lay flat to dry and you are done! Your wool product is now clean and re-lanolized!

-Wear and know that you are extending the life of your wool product by taking proper care of it!


3 oz bar 


Ing: Water, Lanolin, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide


Lanolin Wool Wash

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