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Barbarian is a word generally used to describe an uncivilized person or people, sometimes meaning savagery. The Greeks first used the word to describe the Romans; then after the Romans conquered the Greeks, they felt that their two cultures were superior to all others and the term was used to refer to all other people. Wouldn't fly today - too discriminatory. So instead of focusing on the bad, we focus on the good. With a blend of peppermint, bergamont, lemongrass, sandlewood, cedarwood, and tea tree, you can't complain about this Barbarian's Breath coming from under that beard!


Our beard oils are all made with the finest avocado oil, which is naturally high in Vitamin E. Vitamin E improves circulation, which helps to keep hair follicles healthy, which in turn is good for hair growth. If you are taking the time the grow a beard, you might as well grow a healthy, full one!


Put several drops on your fingertips and massage into your beard. This not only moisturizes the skin under your beard, it also moisturizes your beard itself, helping to keep it kissably soft.


1 oz bottle Ing: Avocado oil and essential oils

Barbarian Breath Beard Oil

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